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Community Planning 

Community planning is the process by which the third sector, public bodies and local communities work together to make a difference to people's lives. It drives public service reform by bringing together local public services with the communities they serve, and provides a focus for partnership working that targets specific local circumstances. Partners work together to improve local services and to ensure that they meet the needs of local people, especially those who need the services most.

The Third Sectors Role in Community Planning 

Community Planning and co-production are changing the traditional understanding of service users as dependents of public/third sector services. It redefines the service/user relationship as one of co-dependency and collaboration, where service providers need the insights and expertise of its users in order to make the right decisions and build effective services.

The Third sector often deliver essential services, improve community wellbeing, and contribute to the local economy. They are the trusted representatives of people who may not be able to participate themselves, and the leaders of change and development through community action planning.

They have a significant role in community panning and co-production, influencing policy and decision making processes, being the driving force behind community change and development, and improving National Outcomes at a local level.


SLCVO's Role in Community Planning 

As the HTSIs rural partner we are funded to:

  • Improve third sector understanding and connections to community planning and health and social care planning processes.

  • Support opportunities for third sector and cross sector collaboration/networking in Skye and Lochalsh.


We do this by:

  • Facilitating and supporting the third sector to engage with and participate in community planning and the health and social care planning processes

  • Using local intelligence to steer and encourage representation in local, national and regional consultations.

  • Supporting the local third sector to connect to the HTSI Third Sector Representation Pathway, find more information here

  • Running/supporting thematic networking sessions 

  • Facilitating opportunities for third/cross sector collaboration

To keep up to date with our community planning and co-production activity sign up for SLCVO monthly Third Sector Bulletin here or follow our Facebook page.

If you would like more information about community planning and co-production processes email SLCVO's Chief Officer, Jo-Anne Ford Alternatively book an appointment for us to contact you here.

health and socila care planning.png

In Highland there is a lead-agency agreement, with NHS Highland overseeing planning and delivery for all adult health and social care services, and the Highland Council children's adult health and social care services

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To facilitate and develop the opportunities for Third Sector Representation the HTSI supported the introduction of the Third Sector Representation Pathway.

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Community Councils are voluntary organisations that act as a voice for their local area. They are set up by the Local Authority and run by local residents. Community Councils are a way of becoming involved with your local area

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The 2006 Parental Involvement Act states that every school in Scotland has a Parent Forum which consists of all the parents/carers who have a child at the school. The Parent Council is the committee appointed by the Parent Forum to run matters on its behalf

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Highland Community Planning Partnership 

Highland Community Planning Partnership (HCPP) brings together public sector bodies, third sector organisations, other key groups and agencies to work collaboratively to reduce inequalities and prevent disadvantage across Highland.

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