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Parent Councils

The 2006 Parental Involvement Act states that every school in Scotland has a Parent Forum which consists of all the parents/carers who have a child at the school. The Parent Council is the committee appointed by the Parent Forum to run matters on its behalf.


Parent Councils:

  • Work in partnership with the school to decide on the key priorities to take forward;

  • Provide a voice for parents in schools and in their local authority on issues that are important to them;

  • Improve the school’s understanding of how to engage parents in their children’s learning and in the life of the school;

  • Support the school to develop strong home/school partnerships;

  • Communicate regularly with the Parent Forum to both hear their views and keep them informed;

  • Support improvement by discussing the school’s strengths and areas for development from a parental perspective;

  • Help make links with the wider community;

  • Capture the unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience that parents can offer.​

If you have a child attending a school in Skye, Lochalsh or Wester Ross you are automatically a member of the schools Parent Forum. You can find out more about the role and duties of Parent Forums and Parent Councils from Education Scotland website, using the links below

  • The Purpose and role of parent councils - Link

  • Guidance on the Scottish Schools Parental Involvement Act - Link

  • A Guide to Gathering Views - Link

  • Information for Parent Council Members - Link

  • Parents as Partners in their Children's Leaning Toolkit - Link

The Education Scotland website is the main place for information about education in Scotland, from Inspection Reports to ParentZone here

The Highland Council website has information about Parent Councils, School Handbooks, School Estates Management and School Rolls here

Connect is a charity which supports partnerships in education, they have a good selection of resources for parents and  Parent Councils here

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