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Highland Third Sector Representation

Highland Third Sector Interface

What does a Representative do?
Effective representation of the Third Sector is a critical part of empowering the Third Sector to become a equal partner and participant in public planning and decision making processes. To facilitate and develop the opportunities for Third Sector Representation the Highland Third Sector Interface (HTSI) supported the introduction of the Third Sector Representation Pathway.

Third Sector Representation Pathway

The Pathway is intended to strengthen the representation of the Sector, creating more transparency and democracy within the process. A minimum of two reps are elected from the Third Sector to act as representatives.


The Purpose of a Representative
The purpose of a Third Sector Representative is to advocate for Third Sector Organisations at the Community Planning Partnership within policy and decision-making forums. It is the responsibility of the representative to use their knowledge and understanding as service providers to connect with the wider network and bring that understanding to where decisions are made.


Role and responsibilities of the elected representatives:

  • To regularly gather information and feedback from sector spheres

  • Attend and contribute to Community Planning Partnership meetings

  • Provide feedback and input on community planning (informed by intelligence and feedback provided by sector sphere)

  • Communicate at appropriate intervals, and when need arises with organisations on changes to policies or planning and summarise how this may affect them and/or their service users.

  • Attend Forums (hosted by HTSI)


Highland Third Sector Interface's responsibilities in regards to the Third Sector Representative Pathway:

  • Support representatives to maximise their contribution within policy and decision-making forums

  • To host and coordinate communication mechanisms for representatives and third sector organisations

  • To provide on-boarding and training to representatives

  • Host annual representative elections

  • Host forums to strengthen networks, share knowledge, and build understanding to inform decision-making


SLCVO's Role in Third Sector Representation Pathway

As the HTSIs rural partner we keep up to date with Pathway activities and where relevant link local third sector groups to it.

To keep up to date with Third Sector Representation Pathway activity sign up for SLCVO monthly Third Sector Bulletin here or follow our Facebook page.

Current Elected Representatives:
Child Protection Committee

Clair Nichols and Wendy Strathearn


CPP Mental Health and Wellbeing Delivery Group:

Emily Stokes, Keith Walker, and Donna Booth


CPP Poverty Reduction Delivery Group:

Sue Lyons and Jaci Douglas

The Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership:

Iain Templeton and one vacant seat

Highland Community Learning and Development Operational Group:

Clair Nichols and Chris Grant


Highland Council Education and Learning Committee:

Sarah Fowler and Jaci Douglas


Highland Council Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Committee: 

Jaci Douglas and Harry Tedstone


Highland Employability Partnership:

Tracey Connerton and Isobel Grigor


The Integrated Children's Services Planning Board:

Rhiannon Dunlop and Jaci Douglas


Connect to the Third Sector Representatives here

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