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S&L Health, Wellbeing and Social Care

​Skye and Lochalsh Health, Wellbeing and Social Care Collaboration Programme

During SLCVO’s 2023 Third Sector review of Highland's Adult Services Strategic Plan, discussions with local groups highlighted the need for closer collaboration among third sector organisations. SLCVO is working with third sector groups in Skye and Lochalsh to establish a Health, Wellbeing, and Social Care Programme, that will:

  • Strengthen partnerships between the third sector and public sector, enhancing collaboration and coordination to improve outcomes for families, children, and individuals in Skye and Lochalsh.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of needs by engaging with local communities and third sector organisations.

  • Advance the understanding of the third sector through increased visibility and comprehension of their potential contributions.

  • Enhance holistic service provision through collaborative efforts, addressing the diverse health, wellbeing, and welfare needs of the communities in Skye and Lochalsh.

  • Develop capacity building and sustainability within the third sector, ensuring that groups have the necessary skills, resources, and support to deliver effective services and projects, ultimately improving overall outcomes for beneficiaries.

  • Share innovation and Knowledge promoting continuous learning and improvement in service delivery and outcomes.

  • Connect member organisations to the broader community planning landscape, advocating for their interests, ensuring that outcomes for end-users are central to the planning processes.

  • Collaborate with the public sector and other funding bodies to improve access to commissioning, funding, and Self-Directed Support, gathering feedback from service users, communities, and providers to assess commissioning process effectiveness in meeting local needs

Supported by the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC), SLCVO aims to establish this program over 12 months. With the first workshop taking place on the 6th March 2024.

If you would like more information about the Community Collaboration Hub or would like to use our services to connect with the third sector and communities in Skye and Lochalsh email SLCVO Chief Officer Jo Ford or call 01478 612921.​

  • Highland Community Planning Partnership website  

  • NHS Highland Health and Social Care Partnership website

  • Skye and Raasay Future Plan

  • Lochalsh Collaborates Plan

  • Highland Outcome Improvement Plan 

  • Integrated Children's Services Planning Board

  • Highland Adult Services Strategic Plan 

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In Highland there is a lead-agency agreement, with NHS Highland overseeing planning and delivery for all adult health and social care services, and the Highland Council children's adult health and social care services

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Community Health Exchange (CHEX)
CHEX supports and promotes community development approaches to health improvement, supporting a network of community-led health organisations and their public-sector partners who are tackling health inequalities in communities across Scotland.

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