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Community Development

Scottish Community Development Centre

SCDC are the lead body for Community Development in Scotland. They run large scale programmes across Scotland to help build the capacity of the community sector and to widen participation in local democracy. They support and manage a series of networks, including the Community Health Exchange (CHEX) and Scottish Co-Production Network. As well as provide research, training and consultancy services.

Development Trusts Association Scotland

DTAS is an independent, member-led organisation which aims to promote, support and represent development trusts in Scotland. They provide information, advice and support through a wide range of publications and resources. They promote new and creative approaches to community-led development include promoting and supporting community ownership/asset transfer and the use of community shares as an innovative form of social finance.

Community Development Alliance Scotland

CDAS is a member organisation that brings together networks and organisations at the Scottish level to promote policy and practice that supports community development. They have a wide range of research papers and information to help development organisations stay up to date with Scottish, UK and International community development.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

HIE is the Scottish Government's economic and community development agency. They support the growth and diversification of social enterprise, they offer a diverse range of resources, opportunities and skills to support community growth and have a number of innovative programmes that support business growth.

Social Enterprise Support and Information

Scottish Government website

Here you will find information about Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026. The 2017-2020 action plan Building a sustainable social enterprise sector in Scotland and he 2017 Social Enterprise Census.

Social Enterprise Academy

The Social Enterprise Academy deliver the Social Enterprise Education programme as well as local learning and development to the third sector in leadership, social impact, enterprise and learning.

Business Gateway

Business Gateway provide support to all types of business. They offer a wide range of free practical advice and support on how to start up and develop a business including on-line resources, 1:1 local advice and training.

Social Firms Scotland

Social Firms Scotland the national support body for social enterprises whose social mission is to create opportunities for people disadvantaged in the labour market


Senscot is an organisation that supports local and national networks and social entrepreneurs

Social Enterprise Scotland

Social Enterprise Scotland an independent membership organisation that promotes and campaigns on behalf of all social enterprises in Scotland

First Port

Firstport which provides support to new and emerging social entrepreneurs to set up and run a business with a social or environmental purpose. Since 2009, the Scottish Government have provided Firstport with £5m in order to deliver the Social Entrepreneurs Fund

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