Running a Group


Good governance is essential for your group to survive and develop. The Community Toolkit supports committees and trustees in best practice from meeting regulatory requirements to monitoring and evaluation; financial management to applying to funders.h


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Roles and Responsibilities of Management Committees

All community groups will have a management committee and depending on the groups’ legal form or charitable status they will be known as a Board of Directors, Charity Trustees or Committee Members. This guide looks the duties of management committees and thier legal responsibilities in running a group.

The Role of Office Bearers

Although all committee members, directors and trustees have equality and joint responsibilities, office bearers have specific duties that need to be carried out in the running of the organisation. This guide looks at each of the main roles in a commitee.

Financial Management

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Fundraising and Regulations

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Applying to Funders

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Legislation and Insurance

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Monitoring and Evaluation

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