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SLWR Third Sector Forums

Skye, Lochalsh, Wester Ross

The Highland Third Sector Interface hosts and facilitates a variety of forums to support the third sector in Highland


The core purpose of these forums is to create a space for organisations to come together. The forums are thematic and the majority meet quarterly over a year.


Volunteer Managers Forum Being a volunteer manager can be challenging. For this reason, it is critical that volunteer managers are given the chance to provide support and guidance to one another. Through this Volunteering Managers Virtual Forum, there is opportunity to make new connections. A maximum of one person per organisation with volunteer management responsibility can attend.


The Community Development Forum creates a chance for Third Sector Organisations in Highland who are involved in Community Development to share information and ideas. This virtual Forum is for Third Sector Organisations in Highland who are members of Highland Third Sector Interface and are involved in Community Development. It is an opportunity to share ideas and information, identify gaps, workforce development needs, and inform community planning forums. When it meets: Quarterly, virtually


Third Sector Mangers Forum Being a third sector manager can be an isolating, though rewarding role.  It is critical that managers and senior officers are able to provide peers support and guidance to each other.  A maximum of one person per organisation with management responsibility is eligible to join the forum membership and activities will focus on the combination of social networking and practical input. Every second month a supper club in Inverness (consideration is being given to how this is rolled out) will host a networking evening with guest speakers as appropriate and this will compliment a formal virtual session with inputs and training opportunities on a quarterly basis. When it meets: 1. bi-monthly supper club (in-person). 2. Quarterly formal virtual sessions (ie masterclass 1/2 hr speaker 1/2 chat


Highland Resilience Network Forum This is a twice yearly, virtual forum to discuss and host input from guest speakers pertinent to supporting the role of Highland Resilience Network members in keeping communities safe across Highland. The format will usually include guest speaker input followed by group discussion and updates on the progress of the HRN and training availability. When it meets: Twice a year, virtually


The Health and Wellbeing Forum has grown from the adult health and wellbeing forum which has been long established in Highland.  Any Third Sector organisation which feels that their activities contribute to health and wellbeing within Highland is welcome to attend.  The forum usually includes guest speaker input, a chance for individual updates and collective horizon scanning and identifying any significant shared areas of concern, optimism and policy.  The forum also offers an opportunity for networking, peer support and personal development. When it meets: Quarterly, (2x virtual/2x in-person) in-person meetings in Dingwall or Inverness


The Children's Services Forum is for Third Sector Organisations that deliver services for young people and their families. Hosted by Highland Third Sector Interface this quarterly Forum shares good practices and information, provides a platform for those interested in participating in the network and finding peer support. Additionally, this Forum offers the opportunity to stay up to date on commissioning processes. When it meets: Quarterly (2x virtual/2x in-person)


The Community Justice Third Sector Forum is open to all third sector organisations throughout Highland who have an interest in community justice, this might include working with those who have offended, or those who have been affected by crime. It also includes organisations which are working with people, particularly young people around the prevention of offending. When it meets: Quarterly (2x virtual/2x in-person)


The Employability Forum is for anyone in the Third Sector who is involved in, or has an interest in, Employability services. We hear from relevant services, Highland Employability Partnership representatives, have discussions as well as giving attendees the chance to share and update the group.


Social Enterprise Forum (HiSEN) is the Social Enterprise Network for the Scottish Highlands and is facilitated though the Highland Third Sector Interface. Membership is free for established Social Enterprises, Start Ups and for those interested in the Social Enterprise Movement in Highland. The aims of HiSEN are: Provide “Peer Support”: Mentoring from established “Social Entrepreneurs”: Information Sharing: Trading Possibilities; Engagement & Representation. Meetings are held quarterly and normally hosted by one of our member organisations, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work.


SLCVO's Role in HTSI Third Sector Forums

As the HTSIs rural partner we keep up to date with HTSI Forum activities and where relevant link local third sector groups to them.

To keep up to date with SLCVOs Community Planning and Co-production activity sign up for our monthly Third Sector Bulletin here or follow our Facebook page.

Keep connected to the HTSI Third Sector Forums here.

Third Sector Forum Dates

Community Justice  Forum

  • Thursday 25th May 2023 Virtual

  • Thursday 31st August 2023 In Person

  • Thursday 30th November 2023 Virtual

Highland Resilience Network Forum

  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023 Virtual


Children and Young People’s Services Forum

  • Tuesday 6th June 2023 10 - 4pm In Person

  • Wednesday 6th September 2023 Virtual

  • Tuesday 5th December 2023 In-person

Highland Health & Wellbeing Forum

  • Wednesday 26th July 2023 Virtual

  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023 In Person

Highland Community Development Forum

  • Tuesday 16th May 2023 Virtual

  • Tuesday 15th August 2023 Virtual

  • Thursday 16th November 2023 Virtual

Highland Social Enterprise Forum

  • Monday 19th June 2023 In-person

  • Monday 18th September 2023 Virtual

  • Monday 18th December 2023 Virtual


Third Sector Managers Forum

  • Tuesday 9th May 2023 Virtual

  • Tuesday 27th June 2023 Virtual

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