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Funder results for category "Environment":

Awards for All Scotland - Big Lottery Fund

Web: https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/scotland/awards-for-all-scotland

Award Amount: £500 to £10,000

Summary:Awards for All Scotland offers small grants to encourage participation in art, sport and community activities and projects promoting education, the environment and health in the local community. A range of organisations can apply but priority is given to smaller voluntary and community groups in Scotland with an annual income of £100,000 or less. Awards for All grants must be spent within one year of receipt.

Closing Date: Applications can be submitted any time


Barcapel Foundation

Web: http://www.barcapelfoundation.org

Award Amount: Up to £100,000

Summary:Barcapel Foundation's main priorities are Health, Heritage and Youth. They only fund registered charities and predominantly those working in Scotland.

Closing Date: Applications can be submitted at any time


Biffa Award

Web: http://www.biffa-award.org

Award Amount: Small Grants £250-£10,000 for projects with a maximum total cost less than £30,000. Main Grants £10,000-£50,000 for projects with a maximum total cost less than £200,000.

Summary:Managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) , the Biffa Award offers Small and Main Grant Schemes to community and environmental projects across the UK, under four themes:-rebuilding biodiversity; community buildings; cultural facilities and recreation. The fund's money comes from landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services. To be eligible to apply your project must be based within 10 miles of a Biffa Operation and a licenced landfill site. For the Rebuilding Biodiversity theme the proximity to a Biffa Operation is extended to 25 miles. See website for details.

Closing Date: Applications may be sumbited at any time


Church of Scotland- Main and Continuation Grants

Web: http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/serve/go_for_it/about_the_fund?a=11417

Award Amount: up to £45,000 over three years.

Summary:Main and Continuation Grants offer long term funding to support the core work of projects that have done some research and tested out their ideas. The maximum award for a Main Grant is generally £45,000 over a three year period. Continuation Grants can be awarded after a Main Grant has ceased, generally at a maximum of £20,000, over a further two years. You can apply for up to 50 per cent of your project costs, and you'll need to source 50 per match funding. However if you can evidence that your project will predominantly support people among the poorest in Scotland, Go For It will provide up to 80 per cent of your project costs, and only a 20 per cent match is required. Applications must evidence an association with a Church of Scotland congregation, be focused on a project, and demonstrate a commitment to good partnership working.

Closing Date: 23 February 2018


Ernest Cook Trust

Web: http://www.ernestcooktrust.org.uk

Award Amount: Small Grants awards in the region of £1,000 to £1,500. Large grants between £4,000-£10,000.

Summary:The Ernest Cook Trust offers grants to organisations working to encourage young people’s interest in the countryside, the environment, the arts or that aim to raise levels of literacy and numeracy. They are particularly interested in funding work that encourages or ensures the continuation of rural skills and crafts. All applications are expected to link in with either the National Curriculum or with recognised qualifications. Large grants programme for awards of over £4,000 and a small grants programme for awards of under £4,000 operate throughout the year.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time.


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation - Food Strand

Web: http://esmeefairbairn.org.uk/what-we-fund/sectors/food

Funding Title: Food Strand

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation's Food Strand supports work that demonstrates the important role food plays in wellbeing and that connects people to the food that they eat. As part of this primary aim the Strand seeks to bring about more sustainable food production and consumption policies and practices. Check funders website for eligibility and exclusions.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time.


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation - Main Fund

Web: http://esmeefairbairn.org.uk/apply-for-funding/guide-to-applying/select-your-fund/main-fund/

Funding Title: Main Fund

Award Amount: No minimum or maximum specified (rarely makes grants under £5,000).

Summary:The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation is one of the largest independent grant-makers in the UK. Their main aim is to improve quality of life by funding the charitable work of organisations that have the ideas and ability to achieve positive change. The majority of their funding is via their Main Fund supporting projects in the Arts; Education and Learning; Environment and Social Change. They often support work that might otherwise be considered difficult to fund.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Foundation Scotland

Web: http://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/grants-and-funding-for-organisations.aspx

Funding Title: Various Programmes

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:Foundation Scotland (formerly the Scottish Community Foundation)offers a wide range of funding options, made up of money from different funds that they distribute on behalf of companies, individuals, charitable trusts and community benefit funds.

Closing Date: Check funders website for details


Gannochy Trust

Web: http://www.gannochytrust.org.uk/index.php?page=grant-making

Award Amount: No minimum or maximum specified

Summary:The Gannochy Trust supports the work of charities in Scotland with a preference for those in the Perth and Kinross area. They currently have four funding priorities:- inspiring young people; improving the quality of life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable; supporting and developing community amenities and care for the natural and man-made environment.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Gardening for Disabled Trust

Web: http://gardeningfordisabledtrust.org.uk/the-trust/apply-for-a-grant/

Award Amount: No minimum or maximum specified

Summary:The Gardening for Disabled Trust offers grants to UK individuals to help them continue to garden, despite disability or advancing illness. Open to individuals of all ages - it is their love of gardening that counts! Applicants are required to join the Trust as a member and to include a letter of reference from a qualified health worker with their application.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time. The committee meet once a month.


Garfield Weston Foundation

Web: http://www.garfieldweston.org

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:The Garfield Weston Foundation supports the work of a wide range of UK registered charities and some charity exempt organisations such as churches, hospitals, educational establishments and housing corporations. Whilst the Foundation has no set priority interests, recent awards have supported projects in the Arts, Community, Education, Welfare, Medical, Religion, Youth and Environment. Will consider both capital and revenue costs. Check funders website for eligiblity exclusions.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted any time. Allow approximately 4 months for the application process.


Idlewild Trust

Web: http://www.idlewildtrust.org.uk

Award Amount: Up to £5,000. The average grant is around £2,000.

Summary:The Idlewild Trust supports applications from UK registered charities, churches that are excepted Charities and some UK Publicly Exempt Charities. Projects must fall into at least one of the Trust's grant themes:- Arts Education (nurturing talent in young people under 16 years old); Museums, Galleries and Fine Arts (exhibitions, projects and capital works); Preservation and Conservation and Performing Arts.

Closing Date: 01 May 2018


Investing in Ideas - Big Lottery Fund

Web: http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/scotland/investing-in-ideas

Award Amount: £500 to £10,000

Summary:Investing in Ideas awards grants of £500 to £10,000 to test and develop ideas that could eventually become fully-fledged projects or lead to improved service delivery. Investing in Ideas could pay for the things that can turn your basic idea into a well-planned project.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust

Web: http://www.jeansainsburyanimalwelfare.org.uk

Award Amount: Awards range from £1,000 to £10,000. Smaller awards considered at discretion of the Trustees. Contributions towards capital costs also considered.

Summary:This trust funds UK based animal welfare charities that benefit or protect animals; encourage the understanding of animals; relieve animals from suffering or conserve wild life (where the rescue, rehabilitation and release of animals is their main aim).

Closing Date: 15 January 2018


Naturesave Trust

Web: http://www.naturesave.co.uk/the-naturesave-trust/funding-guidelines/

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:The Naturesave Trust provides start-up capital to small projects from environmental and conservationist groups. The Trust will also cover the costs for Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR).

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted any time


Parks for People (Heritage Lottery Fund)

Web: http://www.hlf.org.uk/HowToApply/programmes/Pages/parksforpeople.aspx

Award Amount: £100,000 to £5 million

Summary:Parks for People Programme(UK) uses Lottery funds to support to support the regeneration, conservation and increased enjoyment of public parks and the conservation of cemeteries. All projects will need to demonstrate contribution towards the programmes specific outcomes relating to heritage, people and communities.

Closing Date: 28 February 2018


Paths for All- Large grants

Award Amount: up to £30,000 or up to £20,000 if a group has applied before.

Summary:Paths for All are looking to invest in community projects which build local capacity, delivering a volunteer led solution to improve physical activity levels. They are keen to fund a range of work and welcome new and innovative approaches as well as tested models of delivery. The core aim of all successful applications is: ‘To significantly increase the number of people becoming active through walking.’

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Santander Foundation- Discovery Grants

Web: http://www.santanderfoundation.org.uk/community-plus.aspx

Funding Title: Community Plus

Award Amount: up to £5,000

Summary:Designed to be quick and easy to use, nominations can be made by charities as well as Santander customers and staff. To apply or nominate visit any Santander branch. The funder does specify the grant needs to be something specific, directly help disadvantaged people in your local area and grants will only be paid to a UK registered charity. For further details visit the funders website. There are no closing dates and entries will be regularly considered by a panel of staff drawn from across the region.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Scottish Recycling Fund

Web: http://www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/content/scottish-recycling-fund

Award Amount: variable. loans also available.

Summary:The Scottish Recycling Fund (SRF) is a £3.8M fund established by Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise to develop or expand materials reprocessing capacity and remanufacturing facilities in Scotland. Further details can be found on the funder's website.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


SITA Trust - Enhancing Communities Programme

The Coach House Eastwood Park, Falfield, South Gloucestershire, GL12 8DA

Web: http://www.sitatrust.org.uk/scotland

Funding Title: SITA Trust - Enhancing Communities Programme

Award Amount: £60,000

Summary:Gives grants to make physical improvements to community leisure facilities and historic buildings / structures near a qualifying SITA UK waste processing location (including Stoneyhill landfill site in Aberdeenshire and Inverness Transfer Station). Other Scottish sites may also qualify.

Closing Date: 03 October 2016


Social Investors - Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

Web: http://esmeefairbairn.org.uk/what-we-fund/social-investment

Funding Title: Finance Fund

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:Social Investments are business loans available to third sector organisations provided by social investors. Unlike grants and donations, these are loans which organisations repay. The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Finance Fund makes loans and other investments to charities and social enterprises in; the arts, education and learning, the environment and social change.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Tap Water Awards

Web: http://www.tapwater.org/grants

Award Amount: Between £300 and £5,000

Summary:Aim to help reduce the amount of plastic waste communities and the general public are generating. They will support schemes that significantly reduce the public’s reliance on disposable plastics.Schools, collages and universities can apply

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


The FSC Bursary Fund

Web: http://www.field-studies-council.org/about/the-fsc-bursary-fund.aspx

Award Amount: bursaries of up to a maximum of 80% of the curriculum course fee for the student to attend a residential or day course at an FSC Centre Bursaries can be awarded to a maximum per school of £1500 for residential courses and £450 for day visits per academic year.

Summary:FSC Bursary provides support to individuals who are from disadvantaged backgrounds enabling them to take part in FSC curriculum focussed courses with their school class. This support, for individuals, is valuable as it can be a deciding factor on whether or not a whole class experiences fieldwork and out of classroom learning.Children and young people aged 4-19 attending school or college in the state sector who live in the 10% most deprived areas of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland can apply.

Closing Date: Applications can be submitted at anytime


The JJ Charitable Trust

Web: http://www.sfct.org.uk/jj.html

Award Amount: not specified

Summary:One of the Sainsbury Charitable Trusts, the JJ Charitable Trust supports projects under the following priorities:-support for children with learning difficulties (including literacy support for ex-offenders or those at risk of offending); environmental education in the UK and overseas based environment projects. Applicants must be registered charities.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


The Robertson Trust

Web: http://www.therobertsontrust.org.uk

Award Amount: No maximum or minimum grant amount - usually between £500 - £100,000. Average grant £10,000 per annum. For capital projects awards maximum 10% of total capital costs.

Summary:The Robertson Trust offers grant assistance to registered UK charities under four main priority areas:- Care,health, education & training community arts, community sport, alcohol misuse and criminal justice.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time. Trustees meet six times a year.


The Society of Antiquaries of London

Web: https://www.sal.org.uk/grants/morris-fund-conservation-grants/

Funding Title: William and Jane Morris Fund

Award Amount: £500-£3,000

Summary:The William and Jane Morris Fund offers assistance to churches, chapels and other places of worship in the United Kingdom for the conservation of decorative architectural features that date prior to 1896. Grants towards major structural repairs and fabric maintenance are not included.

Closing Date: 31 March 2018


The Stafford Trust

Web: http://www.staffordtrust.org.uk/apply-for-a-grant/

Award Amount: £500-£5,000

Summary:The Stafford Trust funds adult welfare, overseas appeals, local community projects, sea rescue, HM services personal, children and youth, medical research and animal welfare. See funders website for more details.

Closing Date: 31 Decemeber 2017


The Steel Charitable Trust

Web: http://www.steelcharitabletrust.org.uk/grant_policy.htm

Award Amount: Between £1,000 and £25,000

Summary:The Steel Charitable Trust is a grant-making trust supporting general charitable purposes.Grants are made primarily to registered charities in the UK within the following funding areas: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Disadvantaged and Health. The Trustees generally meet in February, May, August and November.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

Web: http://www.trusthousecharitablefoundation.org.uk/

Funding Title: Various programmes

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:Trusthouse Charitable Foundation offers a range of grants to support UK charities working to address issues in rural communities and/or areas of urban deprivation. These will include projects in Community Support; Arts, Education and Heritage; Disability and Health Care. They will fund both revenue and capital costs. They also have a small budget for UK charities which are working on projects in developing countries.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


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