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Funder results for category "Community Facilities":

Action Earth Scotland

Web: https://volunteeringmatters.org.uk/project/action-earth/

Funding Title: Action Earth Scotland

Summary:Run in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage, any group of volunteers can apply for Action Earth grants of between £50-250 to run environmental activities in Scotland’s green spaces. This could include creating or improving wildflower meadows, ponds, woodlands or community gardens. Local Nature Reserve grants of up to £500 are also available for volunteer activities taking place on Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) such as wildlife recording or protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

Closing Date: Applications sumbmitted any time


ASDA Foundation

Web: http://your.asda.com/asda-foundation/how-to-apply

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:The Asda Foundation offers grant assistance to a limited number of requests received direct from registered charities and local community groups each year. They usually respond to requests that have the direct support and involvement from ASDA store staff on a local basis. You are advised to contact your local ASDA Store or Depot to disuss your project and assess likely support.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Awards for All Scotland - Big Lottery Fund

Web: https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/scotland/awards-for-all-scotland

Award Amount: £500 to £10,000

Summary:Awards for All Scotland offers small grants to encourage participation in art, sport and community activities and projects promoting education, the environment and health in the local community. A range of organisations can apply but priority is given to smaller voluntary and community groups in Scotland with an annual income of £100,000 or less. Awards for All grants must be spent within one year of receipt.

Closing Date: Applications can be submitted any time


B&Q Waste Donation Scheme (UK)

Web: http://www.diy.com/wastedonation

Award Amount: Donations of products

Summary:B&Q donate products and waste materials they have been unable to sell such as slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, odd rolls of wallpaper and end-of-range materials. Donated products should benefit the local community and the environment and can not be resold. Applications must be made directly to B&Q stores.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Bank of Scotland Medium Grants Programme

Web: http://www.bankofscotlandfoundation.org/medium-grants-programme-application-form

Funding Title: Medium Grants Programme

Award Amount: between £10,001 and £25,000

Summary:Bank of Scotland’s Medium Grants Programme accepts applications from charities registered in Scotland. They are particularly interested in developing and improving local communities, financial literacy and financial inclusion. See funders website for further details.

Closing Date: 06 October 2017


Bank of Scotland- Small Grants

Web: http://bankofscotlandfoundation.org/small-grants-programme-0

Funding Title: Small Grants Programme

Award Amount: £1,000-£20,000

Summary:The Small Grants Programme run by the Bank of Scotland is for charities registered in Scotland. They are particularly interested in developing and improving local communities including the involvement of those that are often excluded, or at risk from poverty or homelessness. They also support financial literacy and inclusion. This includes supporting financial awareness, life skills and debt counselling. There are four rounds of applications each year.

Closing Date: 06 October 2017


Biffa Award

Web: http://www.biffa-award.org

Award Amount: Small Grants £250-£10,000 for projects with a maximum total cost less than £30,000. Main Grants £10,000-£50,000 for projects with a maximum total cost less than £200,000.

Summary:Managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) , the Biffa Award offers Small and Main Grant Schemes to community and environmental projects across the UK, under four themes:-rebuilding biodiversity; community buildings; cultural facilities and recreation. The fund's money comes from landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services. To be eligible to apply your project must be based within 10 miles of a Biffa Operation and a licenced landfill site. For the Rebuilding Biodiversity theme the proximity to a Biffa Operation is extended to 25 miles. See website for details.

Closing Date: Applications may be sumbited at any time


Church of Scotland- Main and Continuation Grants

Web: http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/serve/go_for_it/about_the_fund?a=11417

Award Amount: up to £45,000 over three years.

Summary:Main and Continuation Grants offer long term funding to support the core work of projects that have done some research and tested out their ideas. The maximum award for a Main Grant is generally £45,000 over a three year period. Continuation Grants can be awarded after a Main Grant has ceased, generally at a maximum of £20,000, over a further two years. You can apply for up to 50 per cent of your project costs, and you'll need to source 50 per match funding. However if you can evidence that your project will predominantly support people among the poorest in Scotland, Go For It will provide up to 80 per cent of your project costs, and only a 20 per cent match is required. Applications must evidence an association with a Church of Scotland congregation, be focused on a project, and demonstrate a commitment to good partnership working.

Closing Date: 23 February 2018


Church of Scotland- Small Grants

Web: http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/serve/go_for_it/about_the_fund?a=11421

Funding Title: Small Grants

Award Amount: depends on project but up to £5000

Summary:Small Grants can help you develop your project ideas and test them out. Several types are available: Research, Pilot and Step, as well as Training and Help (for those already in receipt of a Go For It Main or Continuation Grant). No match funding is required for Research, Pilot, Training or Help Grants. A 50 per cent match is required for Step Grants. Applications must evidence an association with a Church of Scotland congregation, be focused on a project, and demonstrate a commitment to good partnership working.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Clothworkers Foundation

Web: http://foundation.clothworkers.co.uk/Open-grant-programmes/Main-and-Small-Grant-Programmes.aspx

Award Amount: Small Grants programme- £500- £10,000 Main Grants programme- over £1,000 no maximum.

Summary:The Clothworkers Foundation awards capital grants to UK registered charities with an annual income of less than £15m. It aims to improve the lives of people and communities, particularly those that face disadvantage, by funding a range of capital projects. They run two grant programmes concurrently. The Mains Grant Programme has no maximum project cost and a decision on the application within six months. The Small Grants Programme is for registered charities with a turnover of less the £250,000 and a maximum project cost of £100,000 and a decision in eight weeks. See funder’s website for more specific criteria.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Community Choices Fund

Web: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/People/engage/CommunityChoicesFund

Award Amount: up to £100,000

Summary:£1.5 million of the Community Choices Fund is now open for applications in two categories of £750,000 each. Category one is open to Public Authorities which includes Local Authorities and other Public Bodies. Category two is open to Community Organisations and Community Councils. The fund will support PB activity which will significantly expand opportunities for more local people to make decisions on local spending priorities and contribute to local democracy.

Closing Date: 29 July 2016


Creative Scotland- Open Project Funding

Web: http://www.creativescotland.com/funding/funding-programmes/open-project-funding

Award Amount: various

Summary:This fund supports the arts, screen and creative industries, with projects that help to explore, realise and develop creative potential and enrich Scotland’s reputation as a distinctive creative nation connected to the world. Applications can cover a broad spectrum of activity, and Open Project Funding will support: Projects that develop skills or artistic practice Projects that create something new and of high quality Projects which either present work to audiences, or which try to develop and reach new audiences (including those hard to reach) Projects which encourage more people to get involved in artistic and creative activity.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


David Domoney - Cultivation Street

Web: http://www.daviddomoney.com/cultivation-street/campaign-categories/

Funding Title: David Domoney - Cultivation Street

Award Amount: Minimum: £500 Maximum: £2,000 Average: No average provided Anually Awarded: £20,000

Summary:£20,000 of garden vouchers are available to community, neighbourhood and school gardens who want to bring back community gardening and revitalise our streets and inspire people to take up gardening and grow their green skills

Closing Date: No deadlines are set


Events Scotland- National Events Programme

Web: http://www.eventscotland.org/funding-and-resources/national-events-programme/

Award Amount: £4,000-£25,000

Summary:The National Funding Programme is aimed towards developing domestic tourism across Scotland. By supporting events which take place outside the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, EventScotland is also growing Scotland's wider events portfolio which forms the backbone of the events industry to boost tourism in Scotland.

Closing Date: 06 October 2017


EventScotland - Beacon Events Programme

Web: http://www.eventscotland.org/funding-and-resources/

Funding Title: EventScotland - Beacon Events Programme

Award Amount: Minimum: No minimum provided Maximum: 25000.00

Summary:The Beacon Events Programme complements the existing National and International Programmes. The Programme will support strategic development activity in line with the objectives of the National Events Strategy - Scotland the Perfect Stage. The strategy defines seven key impacts by which EventScotland will measure the successes of Scotland's events industry: tourism; business; image and identity as a nation; media; participation and development; environment and social and cultural benefits.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at anytime


Express Grants

Web: https://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/grants-and-funding-for-organisations/grant-programmes/express-grants/

Funding Title: Express Grants

Award Amount: £2,000.

Summary:Express Grants can help meet a wide range of costs, including general running costs such as rent or staff salaries; activities and events; equipment or materials; marketing and awareness-raising initiatives and training. Express Grants are available up to £2,000. These awards are made up of money from the many different funds they distribute on behalf of companies, individuals and charitable trusts. They match the applications they receive to the criteria of the various funds they have available at any time. These criteria determine which parts of Scotland, or which types of project any particular fund can be used for.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Foundation Scotland

Web: http://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/grants-and-funding-for-organisations.aspx

Funding Title: Various Programmes

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:Foundation Scotland (formerly the Scottish Community Foundation)offers a wide range of funding options, made up of money from different funds that they distribute on behalf of companies, individuals, charitable trusts and community benefit funds.

Closing Date: Check funders website for details


Gannochy Trust

Web: http://www.gannochytrust.org.uk/index.php?page=grant-making

Award Amount: No minimum or maximum specified

Summary:The Gannochy Trust supports the work of charities in Scotland with a preference for those in the Perth and Kinross area. They currently have four funding priorities:- inspiring young people; improving the quality of life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable; supporting and developing community amenities and care for the natural and man-made environment.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Garfield Weston Foundation

Web: http://www.garfieldweston.org

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:The Garfield Weston Foundation supports the work of a wide range of UK registered charities and some charity exempt organisations such as churches, hospitals, educational establishments and housing corporations. Whilst the Foundation has no set priority interests, recent awards have supported projects in the Arts, Community, Education, Welfare, Medical, Religion, Youth and Environment. Will consider both capital and revenue costs. Check funders website for eligiblity exclusions.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted any time. Allow approximately 4 months for the application process.


Grants for community-led activity- Big Lottery Fund

Web: https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/scotland/grants-for-community-led-activity

Summary:This fund aims to support communities to improve to the places they live and the wellbeing of those most in need. Big Lottery will fund organisations to deliver work that achieves the following outcomes: Everyone in the community has the opportunity to influence and get involved in community-led activity and people in the community are better connected and work together to improve their well-being. Big Lottery also want to fund work that is people-led, connected, and strengths-based.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Grants for Improving Lives- Big Lottery Fund

Web: https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/scotland/grants-for-improving-lives

Award Amount: £10,000-£1 million

Summary:Many people experience challenges at some point in their lives and Big Lottery want to support activity that helps them overcome these difficulties and become more resilient. Big Lottery want to fund activity that means people are better able to identify ways to take control over their lives and build resilience are able to shape the activities and services they use to better meet their needs have more access to support and opportunities to improve their lives.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Highland Council - Capital Discretionary Fund

Web: http://www.highland.gov.uk/news/article/7954/200000_funding_for_highland_hospice_refurbishment

Funding Title: Highland Council - Capital Discretionary Fund

Summary:The Council's Capital Plan makes provision for additional funding to the Capital Discretionary Fund of £0.5m per year which is used to match fund community projects and support projects that clearly deliver community benefits or financial savings.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at anytime


Investing in Ideas - Big Lottery Fund

Web: http://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/scotland/investing-in-ideas

Award Amount: £500 to £10,000

Summary:Investing in Ideas awards grants of £500 to £10,000 to test and develop ideas that could eventually become fully-fledged projects or lead to improved service delivery. Investing in Ideas could pay for the things that can turn your basic idea into a well-planned project.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Morrisons Foundation

Web: http://www.morrisonsfoundation.com/

Award Amount: various

Summary:The Morrison Foundation offer four types of funding. They Offer match funding by matching members of staff's fundraising efforts, grant funding, product donation and sponsorship. Further details can be found on the Funder's website.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Parks for People (Heritage Lottery Fund)

Web: http://www.hlf.org.uk/HowToApply/programmes/Pages/parksforpeople.aspx

Award Amount: £100,000 to £5 million

Summary:Parks for People Programme(UK) uses Lottery funds to support to support the regeneration, conservation and increased enjoyment of public parks and the conservation of cemeteries. All projects will need to demonstrate contribution towards the programmes specific outcomes relating to heritage, people and communities.

Closing Date: 28 February 2018


Paths for All- Large grants

Award Amount: up to £30,000 or up to £20,000 if a group has applied before.

Summary:Paths for All are looking to invest in community projects which build local capacity, delivering a volunteer led solution to improve physical activity levels. They are keen to fund a range of work and welcome new and innovative approaches as well as tested models of delivery. The core aim of all successful applications is: ‘To significantly increase the number of people becoming active through walking.’

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Paths For All- Small Grants

Web: http://www.pathsforall.org.uk/pfa/support/health-walk-grants.html

Award Amount: up to £5,000

Summary:Paths for All are looking to invest in community projects which build local capacity, delivering a volunteer led solution to improve physical activity levels. They are keen to fund a range of work and welcome new and innovative approaches as well as tested models of delivery. The core aim of all successful applications is: ‘To significantly increase the number of people becoming active through walking.’

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Plunkett Foundation

Web: http://www.plunkett.co.uk/

Funding Title: Bursary Fund

Award Amount: up to £2,000

Summary:The Plunkett Foundation has a bursary fund for communities at the feasibility stage of setting up or diversifying a community enterprise.The criteria is that communities need to be planning to raise at least £10,000 through a community share issue to be eligible. The funding for this has been made available through a programme supported by the Esmee Fairbairn.

Closing Date: None Specified


Santander Foundation- Discovery Grants

Web: http://www.santanderfoundation.org.uk/community-plus.aspx

Funding Title: Community Plus

Award Amount: up to £5,000

Summary:Designed to be quick and easy to use, nominations can be made by charities as well as Santander customers and staff. To apply or nominate visit any Santander branch. The funder does specify the grant needs to be something specific, directly help disadvantaged people in your local area and grants will only be paid to a UK registered charity. For further details visit the funders website. There are no closing dates and entries will be regularly considered by a panel of staff drawn from across the region.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Scotmid Co-operative Community Grants

Web: http://www.scotmid.coop/community-and-charity/supporting-local-communities/scotmid-community-grant/

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:Scotmid Co-operative's Community Grant scheme gives support to local communities served by Scotmid and Semichem stores. They will consider applications from community groups and charities supporting projects in any of the following categories: children and education; health; fairtrade; homelessness and poverty; arts and culture; the environment; elderly people and active lifestyles.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


Scottish Land Fund

Web: https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_scottish_land_fund

Award Amount: up to £1 Million

Summary:The Scottish Land Fund supports rural communities to become more resilient and sustainable through the ownership and management of land and land assets. It is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered in partnership by the Big Lottery Fund and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. The Fund will consider capital costs including purchase costs and associated legal fees, as well as initial running costs.

Closing Date: applications may be submitted at any time


Screwfix Foundation

Web: http://www.screwfix.com/jsp/landing.jsp?id=ScrewfixFoundation

Award Amount: various

Summary:The Screwfix Foundation is a charity set up by trade retailers Screwfix. They have a clear purpose of raising funds to support projects that will fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities specifically for those in need. The Screwfix Foundation works with both national and local charities funding a variety of projects, from repairing buildings and improving facilities in deprived areas, to decorating the homes of people living with sickness or disability.

Closing Date: Applications can be submitted at any time


Sportscotland -Sport Facilities Fund

Web: http://www.sportscotland.org.uk/sportscotland/funding/sport_facilities_fund/About_the_fund

Award Amount: small projects up to £100,000. Larger projects over £100,000 have a two stage application process. Both can cover up to 50% of the total project costs.

Summary:SportScotland Sport Facilities Fund offers grants to meet the capital costs of providing or upgrading community sports facilities including sports halls, pitches, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Closing Date: Applications by the 1st of the month


Tesco Local Community Scheme

Web: http://www.groundwork.org.uk/Sites/tescocommunityscheme

Award Amount: various

Summary:Using the 5p levy that has been introduced on carrier bags, the supermarket Tesco are looking to fund local projects to improve green spaces in communities. The fund are particularly keen to see applications that will include building new small parks, sports facilities, woodland walks and community gardens. Further details can be found on funder's website.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


The Barrack Charitable Trust

Web: http://www.thebarrackcharitabletrust.co.uk/

Award Amount: £500-£5,000

Summary:The Barrack Charitable Trust was established to assist organisations to cope with the decrease in charitable donations for specific projects by businesses and individuals due to the economic climate faced at the time. They support education, Christian work, citizenship, community development and regeneration, arts, heritage and science as well as recreational facilities and prevention and relief of poverty. The beneficial area is United Kingdom-wide, but preference is given to organisations in Scotland. Grants are normally made only to a recognised charities.

Closing Date: 31 October 2017


The Foyle Schools Library Programme

Web: http://www.foylefoundation.org.uk/how-to-apply/state-schools.php

Award Amount: £3,000-£10,000

Summary:Priority will be given to funding library/reading books. Some funding towards e-readers can be considered if a justifiable need is presented. The funders will not fund textbooks or curriculum books. The Foundation will also consider contributions towards library software, necessary IT equipment and furniture etc in order to create a suitable library space, although these should be a minority of the funds requested. The majority of funding should be for books/reading materials.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


The Pilgrim Trust

Web: http://www.thepilgrimtrust.org.uk/grants/apply-for-a-grant/

Award Amount: Variable. Small grants scheme - under £5,000. Main grants scheme - over £5,000 (usually up to a maximum of £15,000 a year).

Summary:The Pilgrim Trust offers assistance to charitable organisations operating in heritage and social welfare in the UK. Their funding priorities are Preservation and Scholarship, woman and children and Social Welfare. Grant awards can be for up to three years.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time. Grant meetings held quarterly.


The Robertson Trust

Web: http://www.therobertsontrust.org.uk

Award Amount: No maximum or minimum grant amount - usually between £500 - £100,000. Average grant £10,000 per annum. For capital projects awards maximum 10% of total capital costs.

Summary:The Robertson Trust offers grant assistance to registered UK charities under four main priority areas:- Care,health, education & training community arts, community sport, alcohol misuse and criminal justice.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time. Trustees meet six times a year.


The Scotland's Churches Trust

Web: https://www.scotlandschurchestrust.org.uk/grants/apply-for-a-grant/

Award Amount: various-up to £6,000

Summary:The Scotland's Churches Trust assists with the repair of religious buildings in use for public worship. The Trust is keen to support repairs to or restoration of the structure of buildings in use for public worship (the building need not have a congregation, but must be furnished as a place of worship and be used for occasional services); Other work essential to preserve or to recover the identity or continued function of the building as a place of worship within the context of an accepted religious tradition; conservation work upon items of special artistic quality or having associations with the history of the building and its significance to the community; summary conservation reports.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


The Stafford Trust

Web: http://www.staffordtrust.org.uk/apply-for-a-grant/

Award Amount: £500-£5,000

Summary:The Stafford Trust funds adult welfare, overseas appeals, local community projects, sea rescue, HM services personal, children and youth, medical research and animal welfare. See funders website for more details.

Closing Date: 31 Decemeber 2017


Transition Funding

Web: http://www.hlf.org.uk/looking-funding/our-grant-programmes/transition-funding

Award Amount: £10,000-£100,000

Summary:Transition funding is available to UK organisations that want to achieve significant strategic change in order to become more resilient and sustain improved management of heritage for the long term. This can be through acquiring new skills or knowledge, or new models of governance, leadership, business and income-generation.

Closing Date: applications accepted at any time


Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

Web: http://www.trusthousecharitablefoundation.org.uk/

Funding Title: Various programmes

Award Amount: Variable

Summary:Trusthouse Charitable Foundation offers a range of grants to support UK charities working to address issues in rural communities and/or areas of urban deprivation. These will include projects in Community Support; Arts, Education and Heritage; Disability and Health Care. They will fund both revenue and capital costs. They also have a small budget for UK charities which are working on projects in developing countries.

Closing Date: Applications may be submitted at any time


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